With 02019 now well underway, there's some thrilling news to share –– and further developments in the works. In addition to teaching grads and undergrads at Carnegie Mellon School of Design in courses like Experiential Futures, Systems, and Transition Design...

Obama Foundation Design Workshop, Hawaii, 6 January 02019
Photo courtesy of The Obama Foundation

  • VERY EXCITINGLY we concluded a series of workshops for the Obama Foundation held in Honolulu, Hawaii in January, to help design and launch a new Foundation program supporting the efforts and initiatives of emerging leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region (pic above!!)
  • Situation Lab has begun exploring with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory ways to support and enable the imaginative forays of folks that formulate new space missions (pic below!!)
  • We've completed an experiential futures project on climate action with the World Bank Climate Investment Funds and Institute for the Future, and look forward to sharing more soon...
  • The brand new book Typeset in the Future by Dave Addey, based on his popular blog that geekily obsesses over the design details in sci-fi movies, features the new edition of our game The Thing From The Future.
  • An upcoming invitational workshop at the Santa Fe Institute explores The Role of Information in Complex Conflict, hosted by the marvellous Simon DeDeo and others.
  • At the Skoll World Forum held annually at the University of Oxford, England, this year's theme is 'Accelerating Possibility', and we'll be providing hands-on opportunities for delegates to bring imaginative possibilities to life through experiential futures.
  • I'm running a weekend workshop in Feb for students at North Carolina State University, one of the few design schools that, like CMU, offers the full stack of design degrees (bachelor, masters, and doctorate); hosted by the wonderful Helen Armstrong.
  • An invitational symposium at the Lorentz Centre in Leiden, Netherlands, about Studying the Future with Counterfactuals, hosted by TU Delft ace Roy Bendor and team.
  • We're working on a special event to bring futures/foresight to Stanford d.School, engineered by the incomparable Lisa Solomon.
  • Building on our collaboration with the United States Conference of Mayors –– together with Civic I/O and Governance Futures Lab at Institute for the Future: last year Jake Dunagan and I introduced futures thinking to mayors from across the USA at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, and followed up at the 88th annual mayoral conference held in Boston, Massachusetts. This March we're back at SXSW to keep futurising American mayors. 
  • The long-gestating Journal of Futures Studies Special Issue on Design and Futures, co-edited by me and Cher Potter from the V&A Museum, is coming out in a bumper two volumes. We're thrilled about a lineup that includes philosopher Timothy Morton, curator Paola Antonelli, designers like Anab Jain, Dan Hill, the Decolonising Design collective, and a wide range of academic and practitioner contributors, both established and emerging. 
We're only a twelfth of the way in and 02019 is proving pretty invigorating so far –– stay tuned!

Situation Lab visit to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, 28 January 02019
(right, USC Sitlab Director Jeff Watson)

(The idea for the /now page, although the URL's not quite as tidy on this Blogger page, comes from Jerry Michalski. Cheers Jerry!)

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