Sunday, December 29, 2019

Design and Futures ebook and paperback release

Good news, everyone! The Journal of Futures Studies special double issue on Design and Futures, appearing in back to back editions earlier this year, has just been re-released by JFS publishers Tamkang University Press (Taiwan) as a single-volume book.

The omnibus Design and Futures collects all 30 essays, manifestos, interviews and peer-reviewed articles from 49 contributors across 16 countries, preserving the content, layout and pagination of the original double issue.

There are pieces by Minority Report production designer Alex McDowell, Museum of Modern Art design curator Paola Antonelli, Hyperobjects author Timothy Morton, Superflux principal Anab Jain, NASA JPL visual strategist David Delgado, the Decolonising Design Collective, Service Innovation Handbook author Lucy Kimbell, Design as Politics author Tony Fry, and many more.

Towards enabling the widest possible access and helping move the practice and scholarship forward, Design and Futures is available both as a free ebook, and in paperback with no price markup.

Here's the complete table of contents.



Editors’ Introduction (Vol. I)
Stuart CANDY (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) and Cher POTTER (University of the Arts London; Victoria and Albert Museum, UK)


Turning Foresight Inside Out: An Introduction to Ethnographic Experiential Futures
Stuart CANDY (CMU, USA) and Kelly KORNET (Kalypso, Canada)

Politics of Designing Visions of the Future
Ramia MAZÉ (Aalto University, Finland)

Crafting Spaces Between Design and Futures: The Case of the Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform
Cher POTTER (UAL; V&A Museum, UK), DK OSSEO-ASARE (Pennsylvania State University, USA), and Mugendi K. M’RITHAA (Independent Designer-Researcher, Kenya)

Strategic Foresight Studio: A First-Hand Account of an Experiential Futures Course
Jake DUNAGAN (Institute for the Future, USA), Alida DRAUDT (Strategic Foresight Partners LLC, USA), JJ HADLEY (Slalom, USA), Ryan HOGAN (Mozilla, USA), Leticia MURRAY (Gensler, USA), Gregory STOCK (Firefly, USA), and Julia Rose WEST (Ancestry, USA)

Designing Futures From the Inside
Anne BURDICK (Art Center College of Design, USA; University of Technology Sydney, Australia)


How the Future Happens
James AUGER and Julian HANNA (Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute, Portugal)

Critical Activism
Anab JAIN (Superflux, UK; University of Applied Arts, Austria) and Stuart Candy (CMU, USA)

Storytelling Shapes the Future
Alex MCDOWELL (University of Southern California, USA)

I Design Worlds
Liam YOUNG (SCI-Arc, USA) and Stuart CANDY (CMU, USA)

Anticipating Future System States
Jamer HUNT (The New School, USA)

A Manifesto for Decolonising Design
Decolonising Design Collective: Danah ABDULLA (Brunel University, UK), Ahmed ANSARI (CMU, USA), Ece CANLI (Independent Scholar, Portugal), Mahmoud KESHAVARZ (Uppsala University, Sweden), Matthew KIEM (Independent Scholar, Australia), Pedro OLIVEIRA (Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf, Germany), Luiza PRADO (MeetFactory, Czech Republic), and Tristan SCHULTZ (Griffith University, Australia)


Editors’ Introduction (Vol. II)
Stuart CANDY (CMU, USA) and Cher POTTER (UAL; V&A Museum, UK)


Destinations for Polyamorous Futures and Their MAD Lovers
Maya VAN LEEMPUT (Erasmus University College, Belgium)

Worldbuilding in Science Fiction, Foresight and Design
Leah ZAIDI (Independent Scholar, Canada)

SPACECRAFT: A Southern Interventionist Art Project
Ralph BORLAND (Independent Artist and Curator, South Africa)

Are We (Really) Designing Futures? The Design of Tomorrow Program at CENTRO
Karla PANIAGUA (CENTRO Advanced Design Institute, Mexico)

A Futures-Design-Process Model for Participatory Futures
Stefanie A. OLLENBURG (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

Imagining 2060: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of University Students’ Perspectives
Jeanne HOFFMAN (Tamkang University, Taiwan)

Transforming Environmental Values for a Younger Generation in Taiwan: A Participatory Action Approach to Curriculum Design
Kuo-Hua CHEN (Tamkang University, Taiwan)


You Never Know How the Past Will Turn Out
Timothy MORTON (Rice University, USA)

Design in the Future
Paola ANTONELLI (Museum of Modern Art, USA) and Cher POTTER (UAL; V&A Museum, UK)

Making Things Physical
Maja KUZMANOVIC (FoAM, Belgium), Tina AUER (Time’s Up, Austria), Nik Gaffney (FoAM, Belgium), and Tim BOYKETT (Time’s Up, Austria)

Napkin Futures: Fragments of Future Worlds
Nik BAERTEN (Pantopicon, Belgium)

Change the Model
Dan HILL (Vinnova, Sweden) and Stuart CANDY (CMU, USA)

What If There Were More Policy Futures Studios?

Your Move: Lessons Learned at the Interstices of Design, Gaming, and Futures
Aaron ROSA (Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Germany) and John A. SWEENEY (Narxoz University, Kazakhstan)

Using the Future at NASA
David DELGADO (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA) and Stuart CANDY (CMU, USA)

Post-Island Futures: Designing for Uncertainty in a Changing Climate
Lizzie YARINA (MIT Urban Risk Lab, USA)

Starting at the End: A Journey in Time
Tony FRY (University of Tasmania, Australia)


We're thrilled at the interest the project has attracted and delighted that the hard work of our writers has been finding an audience around the world.

If you'd like a single searchable-text pdf file for your reference, or a hard copy of this remarkable collection on your bookshelf...

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> Design and Futures: Intro to Vol. I (pdf)
> Design and Futures: Intro to Vol. II (pdf)
> Using the Future at NASA: An Interview with David Delgado (pdf)
> Critical Activism: An Interview with Anab Jain (pdf)
> I Design Worlds: An Interview with Liam Young (pdf)
> Change the Model: An Interview with Dan Hill (pdf)