Monday, June 26, 2006

Mind fuel: ideas banks

I am a great admirer and supporter of initiatives, including but not limited to websites, that endeavour to explore and refine ideas. Voyaging through uncharted possibility space, especially in a collaborative setting, is one of the really great ways to while away the hours on this planet.

Check out:

A UK-based repository of social innovations, voted on by users for originality, feasibility and humour. (A nice example.)

A sandbox that is home to a lively, whimsical castle-building sensibility. (A nice example, which suggested to me that they could feature a long-term thinking section to help generate interest and ideas around projects that aim to encourage foresight, Long Now-style.)

The following also look interesting but I'm less familiar with them:

ThinkCycle: Open Collaborative Design

WhyNot? Idea exchange

Premises, Premises: A peer-enforced marketplace for new ideas

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