Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy new year from t.s.f.

What on earth has happened to the sceptical futuryst? Some kind of explanation is in order. The customary end of semester timecrunch (in this case, late November-early December), followed by two weeks in Vietnam, a few rounds with a post-trip stomach bug, and a family expedition to the Big Island (which concluded today) have left me with little time for posting my ruminations online. I apologise to my loyal readership (sorry Mum) and assure you that t.s.f. will be back in the new year. I have not been entirely idle, and plan to post about relevant events of the last month as time, energy and interest levels permit.

I am also about to embark, in two days' time, on a two-week research trip with HRCFS colleague Jake Dunagan, as we work towards our futures audio tour for Honolulu's Chinatown (about which project, more here). We'll be visiting New York, Washington D.C., St Louis, San Francisco and Los Angeles, to research outstanding examples of audio tour production, and visit various mainland Chinatowns. If anyone has suggestions for worthwhile (relevant) things to do, or would like to meet up with us during that time, I'll be corresponding by email as often as possible.

Finally, let me offer you all a treat for the holiday season by advising that you see Borat as soon as possible. Sacha Baron Cohen is a comic genius.

Oh, one more thing -- happy new year celebrations to all, for this most future-oriented of annual festivities. (Don't try to tell me you didn't foresee that January 1 hangover...)

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