Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So long, for now

Today is my last day at the Long Now Foundation office for this summer. I'll be back in Honolulu at the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies within a week, and continuing to work on renovating Long Bets from a distance, and writing for Long Views, while gearing up for PhD dissertation territory (here be dragons) in the Manoa futures program.

My most recent Long Now blog contributions (since those linked earlier):
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The watch of the long now (19 July)
Thinking long, building big (11 July)

Many, many thanks to Alexander, Danielle, Ben, the recently departed office manager Simone (not dead, just pining) and other Long Nowers who welcomed me back to the Bay Area in general, and the Fort Mason office in particular, allowing me -- again! -- the best seat in the house (view of the Golden Gate bridge etc). It's been a pleasure. This stint began a month ago , just as Long Now was in the throes of setting up Brian Eno's 77 million paintings: tranquil to experience, but tumultuous to organise -- congratulations again to all concerned. Not unexpectedly, things have remained busy, interesting and enlightening here throughout my stay. I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Also today, in the general spirit of creative destruction, we bid farewell to the remarkably beige design of the sceptical futuryst which has served for more than a year. Out with the old:

...and in with the new:

Some of the basic features hitherto lacking (a blogroll, links to a representative selection of archival posts, and a tag list) now appear in the sidebar at right. Plus I think this colour scheme is a little bit easier to read. Of course, feedback and suggestions are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

Well, what a lovely and refreshing design change. Although not without charm, I always wondered why TSF mutedly donned almost the same colors that we happily scrapped at HRCFS.

We're all excited about your return. Peggy-Sue's pregnant, and I swear Billy-Bob has grown a foot since you left. Oh, wait, your coming back to Hawaii, not Alabama.

Anyway, happy travels. Goodonya! and see you soon.

tokyocrunch said...

May the wind be at your back, traveler, unless I'm standing behind you and we're in an elevator.