Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The compleat Wired future artifacts gallery 02004

It's been a while since I posted the last annual instalment of Wired magazine's "artifacts from the future", from the back-page feature called "Found", because the magazine's usually scrupulously complete online archive doesn't include that segment prior to November 02004 (number 12.11). Therefore, as far as I know, they haven't been available anywhere on the web to date.

So today I went to Yale's Engineering Library and scanned the missing pieces, one by one. (Please excuse quality differences in the scanned images.)

[mood machine] | Wired 12.01

[chococeuticals] | Wired 12.02

[bulletproof fashion] | Wired 12.03

[nanobot inhaler] | Wired 12.04

[postcards] | Wired 12.05

[20 big ones] | Wired 12.06

[power gym] | Wired 12.07

[media archives] | Wired 12.08

["lost file" poster] | Wired 12.09

[bathroom vendor] | Wired 12.10

[e-vote receipt] | Wired 12.11 [@ online edition]

[space bag] | Wired 12.12 [@ online edition]

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Anonymous said...

Protip for preventing show-through from the other side of thin news-sheet or magazine web: put a piece of black paper under the page to be scanned.

Stuart Candy said...

That's good to know -- thanks!

David Beroff said...

Thanks for posting these! Referenced in Fark.